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Note: This email was written in response to a link ( sent by my friend David. 

Hi David, Great seeing you and Silvia Friday. I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks for this article. I say thank you because the article inspired me to think about you and my other friends who voted for Trump and who continue to be swept up in the false bravado and cynicism of so-called Conservative beliefs. 

Let me start by addressing the article you sent. I usually just delete links from you and my other friends when I realize they are going to garbage websites that try to stoke the worst values in people. I dismiss them like I dismiss misguided beliefs of people I love. But this time I felt compelled to write you a proper reply and to convey my truest emotions and thoughts. I hope you will take this reply as a genuine act of respect and friendship. 

Apart from being inflammatory and baseless, the article is an example of nonsense, untruth, and very poor writing. It is not based on fact in any way and I imagine its sole purpose is to stoke the paranoid, angry flames of those who find comfort in death and destruction, for the type of person who would rather by guns to prepare for the apocalypse then give to a charity or support a neighbor in need. 

 The website in which this article appears is a gigantic garbage dump of paranoia, empty political hatred and weak thinking masked with the racist and neo-pseudo-apocalyptic ramblings of the terrified little child in all those who wallow in the thought that the end is near.

First, the French government are not planning or currently tracking everyone. The USA does this with our smartphones. There is no privacy. The only way to be off the grid is to live off the land in a 19th century way without technology. The days of privacy are gone. Second, the French, British and other countries have a national identity card to give all citizens an easy way to be identified and to have their records registered. I really like this idea and the USA should implement it too. The driver license is a bogus form of identification since pretty much anybody can get one and it does not distinguish between citizens, resident aliens, and illegal immigrants. 

Third, this website and article are simply examples of truly horrible attempts at news that feed into the biases and fears of the financial elite. While I do not agree with the French tax structure for the wealthy, this is not a website you or any self-respecting and honest person should be reading. All it does is feed into the bullshit and lies of the right and the libertarian mindset that is based on empty quasi-macho anger and offers no real solutions. 

Articles like this:

are examples of what I mean. No self-respecting scientist denies climate change is caused by humans and technology. It appears to be an irrefutable fact. Even it if is only a belief, it is one I abide by as I witness the ridiculousness of our weather patterns over the decades. Two days ago, on February 22, it was 70 degrees in New York city. This is matched by hard scientific data in terms of the melting of the ice caps, the increasing rise in average annual temperatures for the whole planet and much more. 

Even if Global Warming were refutable, what is wrong with energy conservation, renewable energy and living in balance and in tune with the planet? 

How can the political stance and lifestyle that values ecology and environmental protection be objectionable to anyone who loves nature, clean water, clean air and who wants their children and grandchildren to swim in clean seas and live without fear of water shortages and air pollution?

I love you but your right wing, semii-Libertarian angry white man politics are tiresome, insulting and quite frankly, very predictable. I hope you can evolve and push yourself to question your assumptions and beliefs, which I find infused with the racist resentment and bitterness of the stereotypical gun-toting libertarian living in the woods bemoaning the fate of his country and hating everyone and everything. 

I know you are not hateful person but all the links you send me and all your political beliefs are suffused, infused, and undergirded with animosity and venom toward so-called liberals, African Americans, environmentalists, the French, etc…

Do you see a patten here? 

I implore you to analyze the tone and source, the agenda and origin of this hate. 

Any website that puts up articles like these is pure junk and demeans anyone reading it. 

Photos of Al Gore breathing fire? Really? Is this where you get your news? 

This brings me to the revelation that you heaped upon me recently: your vote for Trump. That you voted for a madman and sociopath for President leaves me dismayed. This past election was arguably the most unusual and problematic of any American election in the past 100 years. The stakes are always high but never in our country’s history has there been a more despicable and humiliating excuse for a candidate as Donald Trump. How can anyone who loves this country and who claims to be educated and enlightened support this man? 

How can you vote for someone who is a misogynist, serial liar, and a cultural ignoramus who is entirely devoid of dignity, good taste and even a hint of respect for others (except for Vladimir Putin)? 

What level of anxiety and angst in your life could possible make you think Trump is worthy of being President more than Hilary Clinton? There is no rational, moral, legal, financial, political or cultural basis to support the conclusion that Trump is worthy of the office of President.

What emotional trauma or rage are you living with that could cloud your intellectual and moral judgement so badly, so completely? 

Do you not respect kindness, goodness, women, and the right of all human beings to have a good job and healthcare? 

How could you support Trump’s brazenly racist, xenophobic, proto-fascist beliefs?

By voting for Trump you voted against all the good sense, righteousness, tolerance, love, humanity, and humility you display in your life. 

Did you really think Trump will defend us from the corporatism that has ravaged and savaged every aspect of our lives, from real estate and healthcare to insurance and education? 

Do you really believe Trump will best represent the working men and women just trying to get by and feed their families? 

Did you really believe his lies, bogus promises and insidious comments about our economy and political structure? 

Did you really think he is competent, intelligent, and emotionally stable enough to represent the United States and lead us in a time of crisis?

Do you really think he will lead this country into a prosperous and peaceful future with his unstable mental state, his belligerence and his gargantuan ego matched only in magnitude by the smallness of his mind and his confidence? 

Don’t you see that all narcissists like Trump are really small, feeble, fragile, and scared individuals living in constant fear? 

Don’t you see how dangerous such people are? 

Don’t you recognize the ultimate form of courage is humility, as demonstrated in the life and teachings of great people like Jesus, and your own family members?

Don’t you see that true confidence, greatness, and strength in a political leader does not breed antagonism and strives for kindness, peace and understanding in defense of the poor, the weak and those less fortunate than our political and financial elites? 

How can someone who calls himself a Christian support the hateful, violent, mendacious, racist, and perpetually insulting and degrading behavior of Donald Trump?

Don’t you see that truly strong people believe in empathy and compassion, and more importantly, practice it to all without regard to wealth, status, or skin color? 

Don’t you see that Trump represents the very antithesis of honest, hard-working, and welcoming Americans? 

How could you vote for someone who, in every phase of his business practices, was fraudulent, mendacious, evil, and incompetent? 

The David I know is a very righteous and kind man. You have always been a warm friend and example of the authentic earnestness of the MidWest American spirt that I have admired ever since I met you and ever since I traveled across the country. 

Don’t you see that your support of these websites and this President is an affront to your very own beliefs and dignity? 

Your Friend,


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