Standing in the gap between specialized academic art criticism and the commercial contemporary art world, I embrace both the academic disciplinization of knowledge and the mediasphere, or, the surface versus the ground. Directional Forces was founded as a way of bringing together my myriad theoretical writing interests on painting, sculpture, politics, film, fashion, photography and the cultural world at-large.

This blog is the forum where my writings come together. It is a kind of training ground for a variety of ideas and it will include guest posts and analyses of cultural strata by other artists and thinkers.

I have come to see art as a form of bringing forth in that it reveals things previously concealed. As both a writer and artist, I have learned to value the linkages between materiality, our sense of place, and values as they apply to a particular political or social site. This has lead me to consider art as a form of philosophizing with materials and ideas, equally.

My work as an artist is a reflection of this stance and emerges from the passionate belief in the empowering qualities of thinking and making.

Directional Forces, named after a work by Joseph Beuys, is my articulation of these thoughts.

George Magalios