Luc Tuymans and the Use Value of Irony

George A. Magalios

First Presented at the College Art Association Conference, New York, 2007

A Cynic is a spy who aims to discover what things are friendly or hostile to man; after making accurate observations, he then comes back and reports the truth.
-Epictetus (55 – 135 C.E.)

The Surface: Warhol’s Victory
Ladies, Gentlemen. Artists and Academics:

Let me begin by speaking about the wound…
Or, more precisely: the social/aesthetic disease from which the creative wound today originates: Cynical Irony. Continue Reading

The Surface Versus the Ground

George A. Magalios

Surface versus Ground: the battle between the sign and that which is signified. This contest encmpasses good and evil, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat, environmentalist and gun lobyist and all of the central epistemological dichotomies of our time. Continue Reading