A Journal of Contemporary Aesthetics and Ideas


Directional Forces explores the strife between World and Earth

Directional Forces and Covid-19

Forces Are Directing Us to Stay Home and Give Thanks to Those Who are Healing and Protecting Us


A Contemporary Artist Re-structuring Modernism As Homage in Stone

An exploration of the work of Anselm Kiefer and its relationship to history

An analysis of Kehinde Wiley’s official Presidential Portrait of Barack Obama

A glimpse at a contemporary ceramic sculpture embracing atemporality


A review of the site-specific installation in Hydra, Greece

Daria Grantia’s Saules Suns at the 2019 Venice Bienale


Our Philosophy and Origin Story


Long-Form Writings on Contemporary Art, Politics, and Philosophy


Reviews of Recent Exhibitions, Works and Phenomena

Lecture Series

Talks by Artists, Curators and Thinkers 


Directional Forces Is Published Annually in a Special Edition Book 


Directional Forces Hosts Regular Salons Where the Social Is Intellectual


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