Limited Edition Hardbound Book

Highlights and Images from Directional Forces 


Each year Directional Forces published an annual print publication in a limited edition hardbound book format. The annual publications offers selections from the online journal including essays, reviews and interviews. The book also includes limited edition artist projects and a variety of images from our Salons and Lecture Series.

The 2020 Directional Forces Annual will be available for purchase in December of 2020.

Be a Part of the Directional Forces Lecture Series

The Directional Forces Lecture Series features talks by artists, academics, curators and thinkers from all walks of life. It takes place in our Directional Forces offices in Lake Worth, Florida. 

Experience the Directional Forces Salon

The Directional Forces salon is a regular meeting of the minds and of the visionaries that includes a guest speaker and accompaniment in the form of music, food and drinks of various natures. 

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